The Hum

The Hum is perceived as a low frequency sound heard by about one per cent of the population.
The Hum has nothing to do with sound waves or radio waves it is produced by the interaction of the electrical power grid and the ionosphere,
the illusion of sound is generated within the brain.

The Hum is known to cover the whole of Europe, North and South America, parts of Africa, Asia and Australia,
in fact it may cover the entire land mass of the planet.

The governments of several countries are aware of the Hum phenomena and its adverse health implications,
however they choose to ignore or conceal the problem by using the national media to create the idea of a scientific mystery.

The Hum is certainly responsible for Sudden Infant Death, sometimes called Cot Death, it also acts as a catalyst in the growth of cancer.

Detection and measurement of the Hum energy is not difficult, in fact the basic principles are so simple a child could understand it.

question and reply from the European Commission

A recording of the Hum made in Bristol and showing the phase changes responsible for the heaches and nausea experienced by Hum sufferers is available as a video on YouTube Bristol Hum

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