The Hum and the rise of Cancer

The Hum appears as a low frequency sound now heard by millions of people in many countries around the world. Some people claimed that the Hum was a sound wave but simple tests can easily show that this is false. Others claimed the Hum is caused by radio waves but no evidence has been offered to substantiate this so the claim must be regarded as false.

In many countries around the world the rise in cancer cases follows the expansion of the Power Grid and added to this expansion is the increase in operating voltage that has also taken place.
It has been established without doubt that the Hum has nothing to do with either sound waves or radio waves, so what is the Hum.

Popular belief is that electricity flows down wires like water down a pipe, but this is not so, electricity flows in the space outside the wires. The Earth also has an electric field that is generated by the Sun and manifests itself as the ionosphere.

These two electric fields, the ionosphere and the Power Grid must, by the laws of physics, interact with each other, and by doing so produce a new phenomena, The Gravitational Wave.
It should comes as no surprise that these Gravity waves reveal themselves in the inner ear, an organ that has evolved to detect inertia and the earth’s gravitational field.

The Gravity Waves can be detected and measured with comparative ease.

Such waves may appear to be of little consequence, but it must be remembered that all living creatures have evolved over millions of years in a steady gravitational field and the Gravity Waves produced by the Grid must effect the way living cells divide and multiply.

By means of false statements and so-called scientific investigations some governments have succeeded in concealing the truth about the cause of cancer.



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